Why gesellschaften?

gesellschafen currently comprises three discussion series at Vierte Welt, which shape an intellectual landscape between the realms of politics, philosophy and research: politiken (1), the war machine has been televised (2) and public research (3). The regular periodical events will be accompanied by additional gesellschaften extra-events with guests from across the academic and artistic disciplines. gesellschaften takes place at the House of Commons at Vierte Welt, a space committed to public speaking, debating and thinking. Discourse events with a political-theoretical approach have become very fashionable in recent years. Also Vierte Welt played its part over the course of time. However, as the number of such events increased, so did our skepticism: too often, attitudes become gestures and politics turn into a lifestyle. Under the programmatic name of gesellschaften (societies), we want to counter this with forms of public speaking and public thinking that undermine domestication and the containment of criticism. The domesticated, gentrified critique is the discourse. And discourse is the name for the exploitation machines of the economy of semiotic, performative capitalism. With gesellschaften, we do not want to make an offer that serves the mediation, participation, or even integration of whatever. On the contrary: the institutionalized discourse spaces of art, academia, and politics are to be stretched to the margins in order to lay channels, seek openings, make holes, in short: to create transitions and transit spaces. Out of these spaces of transition, we constitute ourselves as - gesellschaftende - political and social subjects who are committed to freedom, equality and solidarity.

The events take place as a monthly series in the House of Commons at Vierte Welt and are supplemented by additional events where it seems appropriate. A space of public thought can only emerge if the temporal regime of efficiency and optimization is broken and a new order can be established. That is why the events usually last 4 hours.   

Developed and maintained by: Dirk Cieslak, Sebastian Eis, Gerko Egert, Lukas Franke, Therese Koppe, Stefan Hölscher, Nicolas Siepen and Netta Weiser  

Performance: Marcus Reinhard 

(update 9_2020)

The House of Commons was designed and realized by the visual artist Olf Kreisel

Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.  


Kontakt | gesellschaften@viertewelt.de  

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